Welcome to the Yogatarian Yogisentials Range

Namaste and welcome to our unique holistic yoga shop for mindful shoppers. A shop that will rock your chakras and ignite your spirit..So let’s balance your mind, body and soul with these wonderful yogic gifts.

Here at Yogatarian we are always striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, to help maintain a healthy, happy, holistic environment. We use recyclable tapes, reuse cardboard boxes and we print on recycled paper, so from purchasing products to packaging, our thoughts are always driven by the effects we have on all life forms. So together we can nurture and love Mother Earth as much as we can.

Handmade Kansa Wand & Free Anti-Ageing Serum

Our Kansa wands are of the highest quality and are hand made, using traditional craftsmanship and techniques.


Powerful Anti-aging Organic Facial Serum (50mls)

This wonderful anti-ageing serum actually penetrates the lower layers of the skin, it is a concentrated elixir of skin boosting vitamins.


Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner

Made of pure unalloyed copper, our tongue cleaner is uniquely designed to make tongue cleaning and amazingly unique experience.


Did you know...

All of our products are exclusively made for Yogatarian, so you can rest assured that every item is of the highest quality.

Please note that due to staff holidays, purchases made between the 19th and 28th of April will be processed the following week