Namaste and welcome to ‘The Magic 5’. This is a very unique and powerful offering that will take you on a transformational journey of self-discovery and it takes just TEN minutes a day.

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The Magic 5


‘The Magic 5’ will help you reconnect with your inner calm, elevate your life and realign you with your own innate healing energy to feel more VIBRANCY and VITALITY.

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Testimonial of The Magic 5

"I purchased the Magic 5 because I love my weekly yoga session but wanted to do a little yoga every day and felt that it would fit in with my busy daily schedule.

I started the Magic 5 and loved the short yoga session and the uplifting minutes.

I listened to the touch yoga meditation last thing at night and what a wonderful way to relax.

After each session you write down one positive intention and bring them into your every day life.

I found the whole experience to be very positive and uplifting, the bonus is you have the sessions to keep and replay anytime, plus you get to hear Amanda's soothing voice. A wonderful time out for your own wellbeing."

Lynne Hopkinson

Transform in Ten