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Does this sound like you?

Well let’s start freeing you of those limiting beliefs and remember there’s a beginning to every journey, so why not start yours here.

I have combined the power of touch into my own yoga practice for many years.

Yoga fused with mindful touch can instigate the body’s natural healing responses and help maintain optimum health. And you don’t have to practice for hours to reap the wonderful benefits, just ten minutes of 'Touch Yoga', will bring you so much inner joy and immense wellbeing. 

There are 3 easy ways to practice ‘Touch Yoga’ and you can Mix & Match.

  1. Touch Yoga for 10 - A short ten-minute classes that are beginner friendly. These can be done at any time of the day, try to fit one session in daily, for five days a week and you will soon reap the wonderful benefits.
  2. Story Box - A brief meditational storytelling, to relax the body, soothe the nervous system, and give clarity to the mind, whilst gently drifting off into relaxation or 'Yogic Napping'. 
  3. Touch Yoga Minutes - A short but informative videos, that will balance your energy and keep your vibe high, showing you how easy it is, to incorporate 'Touch Yoga' into your life.

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Hi there, I'm Amanda. I’m a crazy old soul, in a modern world, trying to fit everything in, loving life and stumbling along my own mystical path to some sort of enlightenment.

Also I’m the founder of Yogatarian, a wellness entrepreneur, a holistic Hatha yoga & mindfulness teacher, yoga therapist and an advocate for encouraging empowerment to all.

It’s my calling to remind you of your own inherent light, power and potential to raise your energetic vibrations to maintain your body’s natural state of well-being. 

I feel passionate, about sharing effective practices to help you overcome negativity, stress and illness. I’m aware of how busy our lives have become, and I wanted to create short, accessible videos for you to fit into your busy day and discover your own little bit of magic. So my lovelies that’s how ‘Touch Yoga’ was born, ‘I want you to SHINE from within and recognise your own GREATNESS.’

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Our Mission Statement
Elevating your energetic vibration to expand your awareness of ‘Touch Yoga’ and your healing potential.

Here at Yogatarian, we are yogi lifestyler’s, we believe wellness starts within. It is our mission to help you raise your energetic vibration, expand your awareness and encompass yoga as a lifestyle. Equipping you with holistic tools to improve your life and help you rediscover what makes you happy, find your inner bliss and maintain your body’s natural state of well-being. We teach effective techniques to help you overcome negativity, stress and illness, encouraging you to follow your own inner guidance system to cultivate a more authentic, healthier version of yourself.

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Yoga Box

I wanted to dedicate this channel to all you busy souls out there, who may only have 10 minutes a day to spare. We all have the best intentions for fitting yoga into our daily schedule, but sometimes a busy life can just get in the way.

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Yoga Box

In the spirit of Yoga, classes are inclusive and non-competitive I will demonstrate modifications to postures in response to your personal and unique requirements.

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"My website is an ever-evolving wellness journey, while giving you wonderful individuals inspiration to take action in your own lives. Life should be filled with love, compassion and positive intention to achieve balance"

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Have you ever thought, I’d love to try yoga or go on a yoga retreat but can’t fit it into your busy schedule?

Here’s the perfect opportunity, to take those first steps to a healthier lifestyle and make a positive change in just one day…

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