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Namaste Everyone

My name is Amanda Levett I am the founder of Yogatarian, a wellness entrepreneur, a holistic Hatha yoga & mindfulness teacher, yoga therapist and an advocate for encouraging empowerment to all.

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What we do

Hatha Yoga is a spiritual practice which makes the body stronger, more flexible and also healthier. The main aim of yoga is to calm the mind bring peace to the heart creating balance, increased suppleness and immense well-being.


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In the spirit of Yoga, classes are inclusive and non-competitive I will demonstrate modifications to postures in response to your personal and unique requirements.

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"My website is an ever-evolving wellness journey, while giving you wonderful individuals inspiration to take action in your own lives. Life should be filled with love, compassion and positive intention to achieve balance"

Root to Rise

An exciting new yoga range of clothing coming soon.

Yoga attire like you've never seen before.

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Yogatarian Retreats

Have you ever thought, I’d love to try yoga or go on a yoga retreat but can’t fit it into your busy schedule?

Here’s the perfect opportunity, to take those first steps to a healthier lifestyle and make a positive change in just one day…

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